The Gowanus—Red Hook—Sunset Park—Bay Ridge Petition for the Restoration of the B37 Bus Line, the Restoration of Station Booths along the N/R lines, and the Installment of Elevators along the N/R


Dear Governor Andrew Cuomo & MTA President/Chairman Thomas Prendergast:

We, the undersigned residents of Gowanus, Red Hook, Brooklyn Heights, Boerum Hill, Park Slope, Sunset Park, and Bay Ridge, are demanding that 1) the B37 bus line be restored; 2) the Station Booths and Station Agents be restored in the south-bound stations on the N/R lines; and 3) elevators be installed along the N/R lines.

In 2010, the B37 line was cut. It was the only bus line in our area that serviced in close proximity to schools, work, places of worship, after school programs, daycare centers, Lutheran Medical Center, Lutheran Family Health Center Clinics and the surrounding senior centers. The elimination of the bus service adversely impacted the elderly, disabled, families, youth, and persons with chronic illnesses as they disproportionately relied on the bus to access their health ser-vices and traveling to city agencies in down-town Brooklyn.

Station Booths and Station Agents were also removed from the south-bound side of the N/R lines in our communities in 2010. We have found a correlation between the lack of Station Booths and a rise in assaults within stations.
Lastly, none of the stations along 4th Avenue, the major transit artery along in Southwest Brooklyn, have elevators. The lack of elevators impedes on the mobility of the disabled and elders in our communities.

As a result of these bus and subway service reductions and the failure of the MTA to install elevators, the people of our neighbor-hood have been severely inconvenienced. We depend on our buses and the N/R lines as our primary sources of transportation to carry out our daily activities, including traveling to work and school.

We are frustrated and tired with the MTA’s lack of concern for our community. These service cuts are completely unjust to the people of our neighborhood. As taxpaying citizens, we expect that the services due to us be established to meet our needs.

Governor Andrew Cuomo and MTA President/Chairman Thomas Prendergast, we respectfully petition that you fully re-store the B37 bus line and the Station Booths in the south-bound stations on the N/R lines, and that you prioritize the construction of elevators along the N/R lines.

Restore the B37 Bus Coalition Founding Members


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    Sign the petition: Restoration B37 Bus Line,the Restoration of Station Booths & the Installment of Elevators along N/R
  • signed 2014-04-07 16:39:01 -0400
    please restore the bus line! My daughter goes to school at PS 372 and parents need a public transportation option to get their kids there!
  • signed 2014-02-04 13:35:13 -0500
  • signed 2014-01-25 06:55:40 -0500
    My elderly parents and in-laws both have issues with their walking. They struggle to get to the R on 4th and then there is no elevator or escalator. The 37 bus going all the way to court will make it possible for them to get downtown without stress or health wrecking accidents.
  • signed 2014-01-05 09:43:13 -0500
    We senior citizens REALLY need the B37 back before mid-2014.
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    I am very often in Bay Ridge and would greatly miss the B37 as a transient.
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    Sign the petition: Restoration B37 Bus Line,the Restoration of Station Booths & the Installment of Elevators along N/R
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    It’s time to restore service to the b37 bus It should never have been taken away. Change your thinking Bloomburg n company are leaving.Its time for a new approach in how we treat people who live and work hard in this city. We all deserve to be treated the same.Thank you
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    Restore the “M” train, too.
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    We used to live in Bay Ridge, just off Owls Head Park, and know how important the 37 is.
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    Please bring back the B37 it would make life much easier for Bay Ridge and take some of the Congestion off the B70.
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